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Weight loss and Diabetes Management

Lifestyle diseases are one of the main contributing factors to many medical complications. These diseases like Diabetes, High Cholesterol, PCOD, Fatty Liver, Hypertension etc are most often interdependent and can further worsen the health of a person.

The silver lining, however, is that lifestyle diseases can be controlled and even reasonably reversed with a proper lifestyle change. Such a lifestyle change will involve planning the calorie intake and physical activity & exercises. With a measured and scientific approach in nutrition & exercise planning, the blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, fatty liver etc can be controlled and your reliance on medicines and tablets can be even reduced.

Caring People brings to you this service through our partner programs with NuvoVivo, who is specialised in managing and reversing lifestyle diseases

3 Month Lifestyle Disease Management Programs

Through this 3 months program, you will be provided with a custom planned diet (normal food and not any supplements). Every 2 weeks, we will monitor your progress (inch loss around belly & waist) and weight lost/gained. If you are diabetic or has any other medical conditions, you may be required to track that also periodically.

Videos of home-based exercises also will be given. With necessary followup, support and handholding, we will help you reverse/manage such lifestyle diseases, in a very flexible and sustainable manner.

Anyone of the age group 30 - 60 years can enrol for this program from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a smartphone and an internet connection!

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